Audit of the Financial Statements

Confiance has developed its own methodology to meet local and international audit requirements.   Its partners and managers get involved in the work from planning to completion, so they can understand the client´s business and its current condition. Our aim is to provide the financial statements with higher reliability.

Limited Review of the Financial Statements

Periodical review work ( half-yearly, annual, etc.) to determine whether the accounting criteria adopted are in line with the fundamental accounting principles to meet specific corporate needs.

Due Diligence

Work intended to support investors in company or business unit acquisition based on identification of the target company´s accounting, fiscal, labor, legal and operating practices,  through procedures agreed upon with the buyer.  It is necessary to know the target-company´s businesses and advise the buyer on possible contingencies and opportunities that may affect the  purchase price or future operations.

Assurance Services

We render assurance services in compliance with regulatory agencies such as CVM – Brazilian Securities Commission and Brazilian Association of Finance and Capital Market Entities – ANBIMA or similar agencies.

Accounting Appraisal Reports

Issuance of book-value appraisal reports for business acquisition, merger or split-offs purposes.

Tax Consulting

We have specialists in direct and indirect taxes, labor and social security matters, transfer pricing and tax planning.

Transfer Pricing

Lately, Brazil has attracted a huge number of foreign companies. On the other hand, Brazilian companies have grown to reach the status of multinationals.

Consequently, the control on prices of transactions between companies from a single business group is fundamental to avoid questioning by taxing authorities.  Our staff has professionals specializing in advising clientes on selection of transfer pricing methods, calculations and management of tax burden.